Mr. Terry Dennis Successfully Finishes Rehab and Returns Home!

Meet Mr. Terry Dennis

On Monday, January 10, 2022, Mr. Dennis was at work working his full time job but had begun fee ling a little under the weather. On Tuesday, January 11, 2022, Mr. Dennis was taken to the hospital with difficulty walking which was progressively worsening. He was diagnosed with Guillan-Barre Syndrome with acute quadriparesis. He could not move! While hospitalized, he became progressively short of breath and developed difficulty swallowing with the inability to protect his airway. He was then placed on a ventilator. Shortly after, a tracheostomy tube was placed in his neck for easier breathing and a tube was surgically placed in his stomach for nourishment because he was not safe to eat by mouth. He was later able to be weaned off the ventilator but his trach remained. 
He then came to Embassy of Cambridge, a local skilled nursing facility, to receive nursing and physical, occupational and speech therapy. He arrived here not being able to move around in his bed, he could not sit up without help and had difficulty even standing up with the help of several skilled therapists. He had his trach in but was not able to eat at all and received all of his nourishment and medicine through his tube feeding. 
Mr. Dennis came to us with absolute determination. He wanted to eat. He wanted to walk. He wanted to get home. He wanted his life back. Afterall, this man was completely independent at the beginning of January. His determination and the support of his wife Vicki, who was at his beside every single day, along with his care here at Embassy made all the difference. 
He would receive his physical, occupational and speech therapy daily and then would continue the exercises the therapists gave him as much as he could on his own. There was absolutely no way to keep this man down. He worked hard with his strengthening, his walking, his eating and every single thing he could. 
On March 15th, Mr. Dennis went to a follow up pulmonology appointment and was able to finally get his trach removed. By this time, he had also begun eating and was able to eat 3 meals each day by mouth with plans to get the tube feed removed in the nearfuture, With absolute excitement, Mr. Dennis , was able to walk, literally walk out of Embassy Healthcare on his own. He went home! 
Although he has some more recovery ahead, Terry Dennis is well on his way to returning to normal! 
Both he and his wife have been very satisfied with the care he received here and we wish him nothing but success! 

Pictured in Photo (L to R): Karla Slifko, PT, Mrs. Vickie Dennis, Jessica Snyder, SLP, Mr. Terry Dennis, Dionna Gregg, PTA, Patty Work, COTA.

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