Jerry (Jerome)

Jerry celebrates his success with his Therapy Team.

Jerry Celebrates his Success!

Jerry (Jerome) came to Embassy of Euclid after an extensive spinal surgery. He was in a great deal of pain to the point of debilitation and his mobility was significantly limited. He was only able to walk short distances with a walker and struggled to go up and down 1 stair because the pain was so bad, and his legs had become so weak. Through rigorous therapy and his hard work, he was able to regain strength in his extremities. Guided by his Aspen Therapy team, Jerry worked on stretching and reaching exercises for regaining mobility in his spine and he is now able to put his pants, socks, and shoes on independently. His pain has improved significantly, and he is now able to ascend and descend 2 flights of stairs and walk unlimited distances with his rollator. Jerry went above and beyond with his therapy and was diligent in his exercises during the moments he wasn't in therapy as well! Jerry has regained his independence and is on his way home. Congrats Jerry!

(L to R: Harry R, PTA / FRC, Jerry (Jerome), Vanessa T., COTA)

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