A Testimonial from Chris

Client Testimonial from Autumnwood Nursing and Rehab

Hello, my name is Chris and I just finished Physical and Occupational Therapy at Autumnwood Nursing and Rehab Center. I had two torn minisci in my right knee. I had surgery on a Thursday and I was here the next day because I was unsafe to go home. Therapy came and saw me over the weekend. When they first saw me I couldn't put any weight through my leg at all. I was so worried that it would take me forever to walk again. But with the help and guidance of the rehabilitation team, I am walking again with forearm crutches. It took me one month of rehab to get stronger. It was hard work but it was worth it to be able to get back home and stay home. I wouldn't be in the position to go back home without the help of the rehab team. Thank you to the Rehabilitation Department for everthing. You are a lifesaver. I appreciate you treating me so well and with respect. You helped me feel 100% better.

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