Alyssa Miller, SLP

Alyssa Miller joined Aspen Therapy in July 2020 as the SLP on the Grande Oaks/Pavillion team. She has recently focused on developing alternative communication methods for nonverbal patients and patients who have specific challenges expressing themselves. She is currently obtaining a communication device for a patient who has been relatively nonverbal for several years. During his initial assessment, the patient was so excited about seeing his newfound potential that he did not want to give back the trial device!

Alyssa helped another patient benefit from a communication APP which allowed her family to talk to her on the phone. This was a huge breakthrough since her vocal quality hadn’t been loud enough to speak to them prior to that.

Finally, Alyssa’s biggest success has been with a patient who is typically withdrawn and known to exhibit adverse behaviors. He has been nonverbal for years and exhibited consistent agitation due his inability to communicate. His family obtained a tablet for him, and Alyssa has trained him with communication APPS which now allow him to express his wants and needs. As a result, his behaviors have diminished, he’s been agreeable to getting up in his wheelchair, has shown improved socialization and has generally been more pleasant and cooperative.

We want to thank Alyssa for her dedication to her patients and the improvement of their lives. She has gone above and beyond by using technology to help supplement their deficits.

~ Written Content Provided by Wendy Milligan, SLP ~

Alyssa Miller, SLP

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